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Welcome to Aspire Learning Centres & Childcare

Why Aspire Learning?

  • Registered and regulated under OFSTED guidelines
  • Registered with Manchester Local Authorities and Children’s Services
  • Strong focus on Safe Guarding and Welfare Requirements
  • Follow a traditional teaching approach in line with Local Schools

Classroom Facilities

Unique in its own way, Aspire Learning Centres do not use educational software packages as the main driving force to your child’s learning. We adopt traditional ‘pencil to paper’ methods which gives your child the empowerment to decide where they want to take their learning.

We encourage speaking and listening to build confidence which then translate into clear, direct and focused progression. A book, pen and whiteboard, guided by a passionate practitioner is all that is required at Aspire Learning. If you would like to find out more then give our administration department a call or visit us at our office for a meeting with one of our professional teachers.

Why children enjoy learning at Aspire?

Simplicity is important as Aspire Learning Centres therefore we have chosen to bullet point why children enjoy attending our centres for a fun-filled, enriched learning experience.

Here are 10 reasons why our students love Aspire Learning Centres

  • We are warm and welcoming
  • Fun and engaging teaching and learning where you learn something new everyday
  • Traditional teaching methods, no worksheets or computers
  • Build confidence in the learning and personal development
  • Make new friends and build social skills/speaking & listening
  • Cover many different subjects in one lesson
  • Work with different members of staff in each session
  • We address topics in which children struggle with at school
  • Work with children who are grouped in ability
  • We work alongside the school curriculum so children can transfer skills to school

Safe Guarding and Welfare Requirements

The safeguarding and welfare requirements are designed to help providers create high quality settings which are welcoming, safe, stimulating, and where children are able to enjoy learning and grow in confidence’.
The requirements give clear information about what is expected from child care providers.
Aspire Learning Centres follow the safeguarding and welfare requirements guidelines to ensure children feel safe, secure and are healthy.
As quoted from the guidelines we provide a ‘welcoming, safe, stimulating environment where children are welcome and able to take part’.
The welfare requirements give an overview of what providers must do, to enable them to provide high quality practices.
They are grouped as follows:

  • Child protection
  • Suitable People –Disqualification/Staff taking medication/other substances
  • Staff qualification, training support and skills
  • Key person
  • Staff, child ratios
  • Heath – Medicine/Food and drink/Accident or injury
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Safety and suitability of premises – Safety/Smoking/Premises/Risk Assessment/Outings
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Information and records – Information about the child/Parents and carers/Complaints/Provider/Changes notified to Ofsted.

By following the areas above we can provide clear policies and procedures. The welfare requirements highlight the importance of Aspire’s responsibility in child protection and staff training. The Welfare Requirements dictate that the key person approach is compulsory, along with ensuring settings are following the individual needs of every child. Staff and child ratios is thoroughly explained within the welfare requirements. The welfare requirements is in line to support the revised Curriculum 2019, used in our every day practices at Aspire Learning Centres.

If you would like any further clarification then do not hesitate to contact Aspire Administration where a member of staff will be able to advise further.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities

Our Results Speak for themselves!

In line with safeguarding and welfare requirements parents and staff alike have an expectation that each child will have made some form of progress. This does vary from child to child and there are several contributing factors which determine the level of progress a child makes.

At Aspire we have a strong focus on Parent/Teacher/Child collaboration and as long as all three are synchronised we find we are successful in achieving desired results. Children are supported to become confident learners, and become strong, independent learners. They are also empowered to voice their ideas and what they want to focus on. Staff and our Administration department update parents regularly and parents are comfortable to echo their thoughts and feelings.

Our Trust Pilot review page indicates the level of satisfaction we regularly receive. Our parents and students are 100% satisfied and in terms of attainment we have a 95% success rate in achieving desired results. Working closely with our parents, schools, councils and children enables us to achieve this.


What Our Parents Say

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